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Steve Holden

I think that Adam Curry - Podcast Father - is also more comfortable standing up while doing a podcast. I think his father-in-law is working on building him a "specialized" standup desk - Steve


Got any specs? Height of work surface?

Isaac Garcia

The Desk is approximately:

37.5 " High (at keyboard level)
35" Wide
24" Deep

I have one 13" deep shelf installed about 9" above my keyboard where I have my monitors.

There are adjustment notches every 2 1/4 ". Even, if you are taller or shorter than I (I'm about 5' 11") am you shouldn't have a problem adjusting it to your height.

Sean Harvell

Thanks for the tip! Here is my low budget version ;-):


I'm more comfortable going online with a barstool. It's more relaxing that way.

Bar Stools

Yes Shawn, its sor true buying online Bar Stools lol

Regards Sarah Flynn

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