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i was in CC and pick up my pre-order littlebig planet yesterday.

the receipt shows i bought the game for $50.99, IT SHOULD COMES WITH $15 GIFT CARD.

on the receipt, it shows the game, also it has another item says: "promo package" <== is it the gift card?

and when i pre-order it at store, the cashier said I will get the GC when I pick up the game.

but yesterday, the Manager said I can't get the gift card cuz the price is not 59.99!

but the GC still on the receipt!

we urge on this problem for like 10 mins, finally he said you can buy it at 50.99 without GC or you can buy it at 59.99 with $15 GC.

I was so angry, and finally I cancel my order.


Circuit City is pulling out of my market (Kansas City); good freakin' riddance...

Lancaster Kevin

The service at Circuit City sucks. I will never shop there again, and they should go out of business. Let the free market govern, and companies with awful service like Circuit City will cease to exist (unless they can beat WalMart on price, which Circuit City cannot do).


there are situations like this at every retailer, CC BB sears, you name it it happens...if you have never worked retial before then you probably dont know that retards that think they know wverything walk into stores everyday, expect the world because they spent $50? please get over it.
go in with an open mind and try to treat and talk to people with respect and see what a difference it would make.

and comparing walmart to circuit? please...walmart carries shit for products, and while circuit does also, they carry a lot more higher end stuff, but you're probaby the type that buy their surround sound from walmart so no worries!
and service? have you ever had service at walmart? lolz
while it true that not every store has great knowledgeable people, i have a great relationship with my local one and defend them every chance i get.
to the blogger, i agree that they should have exchanged your lenovo, did you try another store? some circuit i have been to are jokes, but like i said my local one has great people

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